Another bright idea


There’s nothing like being corrected by a 10-year-old.

“Hey mom, why are you buying those old-fashioned light bulbs? You know you’re supposed to get the other ones. . . “

This from a child who sees no problem with ordering two Quarter Pounders, a large order of fries and two apple pies—all in rather gross, coated packaging.

My old excuse—“These are cheaper. 99 cents even.”—will no longer cut it. But I should proud, right?

Actually, I am. Increasingly, kids today don’t have to think twice about the idea of recycling or reducing waste. That’s part of the reason we should expect nothing but good things out of, a new green social networking site–of sorts–for young people.

It’s got all of the cool stuff we come to expect with such sites. Pictures, polls, linkage, news, citizen journalism, video and more. Just like the adults of today who were raised in the 1970s and 1980s grew up with a certain level of environmental consciousness (you know you remember the crying Native American commercial, the dude with the tear in only one eye), today’s youngsters are taking it to the next level. Now, about those light bulbs . . .

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