Make your garden grow

Although I’m a city girl through and through, I’m only one generation removed from the red clay of south Georgia. Growing up in Atlanta, my parents—both from small towns—always found a patch of dirt where they could grow tomatoes, corn, purple hull peas and other vegetables.

I can’t say it was fun sitting around shucking corn or shelling peas while everyone else my age was at the movies, hanging out at Six Flags or doing other cool stuff.

But now that I have room to plant a garden of my own, I just might take Uncommon Goods up on their recent offering of their Fairy Tale Seed Kits for beans, peas and pumpkins. I also was recently inspired by my own kid at a recent cooking class. The kids used fresh basil, mozzarella and homegrown tomatoes to make the tastiest snack. Yum!

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