Talking trash

A great starter kit for anyone looking to go green---simply
A great starter kit for anyone looking to go green---simply

Even after you reduce, reuse and recycle, after you switch out all of your old light bulbs and donate all of the old clothes in your closet to Goodwill, there’s still bound to be a little trash around the house.

Well, maybe not at yours. But at ours, there remain items that can’t be recycled or things that are just too icky to reuse (like the plastic wrap from last night’s chicken parts).

That’s where Perf Go Green comes in. We took a look at their biodegradable lawn and leaf bags and landfill-safe kitchen garbage bags, and we liked them both. The bright green bags, which the company says will biodegrade in up to two years, drew a few looks from trash collectors and neighbors, but that’s a good thing.

The full line from Perf Go Green meets several needs. Food storage bags, drop cloths, doggie bags (these are PERFECT when you’re out walking Fido or Fiona!) and cat pan liners also are available. The specialized bags, which start around $5.99, do double duty. Not only do they perform after you pack them with trash, they’re made from recycled post-consumer and post-industrial plastic. An additive in the bag’s chemistry breaks the plastic down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass over the course of two years without releasing harmful toxins.

And oh, yeah—the box that the bags come in? They’re made from recycled paperboard, too.

Available online at e-tailers like and as well as in select stores, including Walgreens.

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