We’ve all got secrets

Paper Plate
Image by InfoMofo via Flickr

I had to take a minute to write about one of the chit-chat’s going on at Divine Caroline where plenty of well-meaning green folks are revealing their deepest, darkest “ungreen”secrets.

It’s good to know that those of us who are still trying to get with the program aren’t alone. Although I don’t use paper plates anymore (they cost too much, anyway), I’m still driving around the hulking SUV–albeit usually packed with kids and their stuff, and hey, it’s paid for. And I still I cringe each time I fork over $4 or more for replacement lightbulbs.

That said, I’ve got my herb garden going now and recently found a nearby farmer’s stand for fresh produce. Next on the family green agenda is putting together our own spice combinations, essential oils/salts, homemade cleaning concoctions and a few other projects that will save money, time and cut back on the amount of packaging and consumer waste that comes through our front door.

The point is that trying to green up the old lifestyle isn’t a one-shot deal; sometimes we’re on the mark. Other days, not so much. Either way, it’s good to know I’m not alone. The effort, as I’ve said in this space before, is all about ongoing changes to your routine, being accountable to the earth, and doing better when you know better.

Weigh in for yourself at DivineCaroline.com

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